If you encounter difficulties accessing the information systems of the University of Ljubljana, we kindly ask you to reset your password in the 'Manage your digital identity' section on the ID portal website.

Digital identity

This part of the central identity management portal offers digital identity services. Your UL digital identity is comprised of your username and your password. The username resembles an email address, e.g. jn1234@student.uni-lj.si. If you currently do not have a digital identity you can use this portal to activate one. If you already have a digital identity then you can change or reset your password and update your profile.

Activate identity

You will receive your username and your password during the process of identity activation. You can use your digital identity to access different IT services offered by the UL. Read more about the various IT services offered at University of Ljubljana web page.

Password reset

If you ever forget your password and you still know the username that was provided to you during the digital identity activation you can reset it here.

Change password

Change your password to access UL IT services.

Your password protects your digital identity. Please select a strong password that you will be able to remember. Avoid passwords that are easy to guess such as your first name, your last name, the name of your partner, your date of birth, etc. Your password needs to be at least 10 characters long and it must not include your first or last name and has to fulfill at least 3 of the given criteria:

  • uppercase letters of the English alphabet,
  • lowercase letters of the English alphabet,
  • numbers,
  • symbols: -_.+@.

Check your username and password

Check and verify your digital identity (your username and password).