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    • The central identity management portal

If you have already activated your digital identity and you forgot the password you may use this page to reset the password. Fill out your personal information in the form below. You will also need to know your username. The username resembles an email address, e.g. jn1234@student.uni-lj.si. If you forgot both the username and the password please contact the University helpdesk.

Please fill out all the fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Personal information

We need your personal information in order to find your digital identity in our databases.
*First name:
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*Student ID:

Usernames look like email addresses. An example of a username that belongs to John Smith is: js1234@student.uni-lj.si.



reCaptcha challenge

The reCaptcha system is used to make the guessing of a username and password harder for the potential attackers.
Please submit the following reCaptcha challenge. In most cases you'll just need to verify that you are not a robot.